At the forefront of innovation in the quality sporting apparel, COMPRESSPORT® was born in Switzerland in 2008. Since then the brand has quickly become a global leader in Compression and Technical sporting apparel.

Coming from the world of medicine, COMPRESSPORT® was driven to design a range of high performance compression garments for sportsmen and women at all levels.

Created by dedicated amateur sportsmen and women COMPRESSPORT® was able to attract the greatest professional athletes in the world combining three fundamentals: science, quality and excellence.

SCIENCE: tested and validated first by our athletes, all of our products then pass through the scrutiny of our scientific research department.

QUALITY: our compression garments are all produced in Europe using 100% European fibres. This ensure the highest quality of our products. This is one of the reasons we can provide a 2 Year Quality guarantee & International Warranty.

EXCELLENCE: more than a policy, excellence is for us a true work ethic. Because we leave nothing to chance, there are dozens of professional sportsmen and women, world and Olympic champions, who have chosen COMPRESSPORT® to accompany them in their performances.

These three fundamentals feed a dynamic of constant innovation, which we put at the disposal of all sportsmen and women who, like us, have passion and performance as their main driving forces.

“Improving your performances during & after, your recovery capacity, protecting you from injury and optimising your comfort, is our number one goal.

Dr Arnaud Menetrier PhD (Life and Health Sciences) works at the University of Franche-Comté in Besançon (EA 3920, Exercise Performance Health Innovation Laboratory). Arnaud is also the Scientist Manager for COMPRESSPORT® International


  • Boost your performances (especially endurance)
  • Recover faster and better
  • Delay fatigue
  • More comfort and support during the exertion
  • Avoid muscle tears and injury
  • Travel in the best conditions
  • Accelerated warm-up process and therefore reduce the risk of injury.

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