Do I Need an Online Running Coach?

Are you struggling with ways to stay motivated and get out the door on your next run? Working late or trying to fit in that run in between dropping the kids off? Or maybe you’re just confused with all the online running jargon, overwhelmed with the various training programs you can find online or apps that are available today.

It might be time to get a personalised online running coach.

Being active and in particular, running, is a vital step in improving ones health and wellbeing. In Australia, running is booming, with more and more people taking part in fun runs, marathons, ultra marathons, trail running and in particular the growth of park run. To coincide with this surge, a stream of resources has been made available online, which not only aim at assisting people in getting started, but also focus on how to improve.

Enter Run2PB,( an Australian based online run coaching business founded by 4 elite athletes, who have a passion for passing on their knowledge and wisdom to runners of all abilities. They recognised that there was an information overload out there and that lots of runners were wanting to make improvements, but just didn’t know how to go about it, or take things to the next level. They also found that lots of runners who were time poor or in remote locations, simply couldn’t join a run group or club to get some guidance.

We spoke to Brady Threlfall, co-founder of Run2PB and who is an elite marathon runner with a P.B of 2.20hr. Brady also hosts a weekly podcast, Inside Running, which in between some serious banter, shares lots of helpful running tips.

“We found that many of our athletes would try generic online programs, couch to 5k etc, but quickly lost interest or didn’t see any real improvements. Basically Couch to 5k, back to Couch” says Threlfall.

Run2PB wanted to focus on 3 key areas that these athletes know coaching plays a vital role in maximising their own performance and which also make running enjoyable.


A running coach helps you plan when to run, how much to run and at what pace to run.

“Most of the time its about holding eager runners back from trying to run hard everyday.” says Threlfall. As part of Run2PB’s coaching service they have an an initial hour phone / video meeting where goals are mapped out, styles of training are explained and questions are answered by this panel of experts.



Run2PB sets all the training for its athletes on its interactive training platform that can be accessed via its app anywhere around the globe. It syncs every run to GPS or smartphone, allowing every single run to be monitored and feedback provided to the athlete on a day to day basis. Keeping them accountable and motivated.


Run2PB innovative online running programs can be accessed via your smartphone

Run2PB has had athletes travel overseas whilst still maintaining training. Shift workers and also the growing trend of runners juggling family and work balances, have used its online coaching as a way to keep up the training on a time schedule that suits them.


Training for a marathon can be tiring, and often the improvements in running come from consistent, sometimes non glamorous training sessions.

Run2PB coaches find ways to make its training programs exciting and varied.

They may modify or take their own training sessions that have been the most successful, and fun, and put them together to not only improve your running but keep it interesting.

Run2PB believes staying motivated as a runner is much easier when it becomes part of your lifestyle. Being nurtured by a coach, with a long term personalised structured program, ensures that running becomes enjoyable.

“Our athletes find that just having someone tracking their progress and being by their side, especially the week of a race, helps calm their nerves and instil belief that they are ready to run their best” Threlfall says.

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