Combining the highest technologies with the latest trends, Compressport aims to always innovate and surprise their athletes.

Compressport responds to the problems that athletes face daily. Whether to improve performance, enhance recovery or to help them travel in the best possible conditions. Compressport contributes to improve the overall well-being of athletes in their everyday life.

Before being released, all Compressport products are tested by top level athletes who give their insights and feedback. This ensures Compressport products meet the needs of athletes.

During the development of a product, every aspect is examined in detail. Compressport studies the morphology of athletes, tests hundreds of different yarns and fabrics and works on seamless constructions to maximise the efficiency and lifetime of the product.

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Compresssport’s aim is to always provide you with 100% satisfaction and this is why we offer a 2 year warranty on our Compression products.

Compressport, a high-end quality product: 100% Swiss company with 100% European made products:

– All products are designed and developed in Europe
– The machines are 100% European made
– The yarns/dyes used are 100% European

All products are made from fabrics and yarns that meet the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100: Independent controls on harmful textile substances make sure the products do not pose any health risk.

Compressport uses the Salzmann group in Switzerland for the measurement and validation of compression classes on all products. The Salzmann test apparatus is internationally recognized as the unit leader and technically the most accurate for measuring compression.