On Technology

Key 5 Benefits of unique CloudTech

On has reinvented the running shoe: On’s clever CloudTec® system creates a running sensation that puts you one step ahead- combining comfort with speed. The “cloud” elements cushion your landing and then compress for a powerful push-off.

On combines the injury protection of a traditional shoe with the natural ride of a lightweight shoe. It’s unique CloudTec® system is the first cushioning system that is only active during landing and becomes firm for an effective push-off. On makes you run light, fast, and pain free.

We have put together 5 simple steps to explain the CloudTech® system.

  1. Cushioned landing, barefoot take-off. The On features the first cushioning system that is only active when you need it – during landing, but doesn’t get in the way during take-off. This allows On to provide more under-foot protection than any other shoe on the market.
  2. Vertical and horizontal travel: When you run, your body is exposed to strong horizontal shocks due to the forward movement – the so called shearing forces which cause muscle cell destruction and pain in ligaments and joints. The On uses 10-20 mm/half of an inch (compared to 2-3 m/a 10th of an inch in traditional shoes) of travel to allow you to softly glide into your step (like on a clay court) – this takes away the pounding and slows down de-acceleration forces.
  3. The On fosters an efficient running style, allowing the runner to land more forward on his or her foot as well as to adopt a centered and energized running position. The Speed BoardTM flexes over the whole length of the shoe, making it the best rolling shoe on the market. Combined with your Cloud-activated muscles, this results in a shorter ground contact time.
  4. On’s intelligent cushioning allows for a minimalistic, lightweight construction in line with the latest research on natural movement of the foot, i.e. a low heel-to-toe ratio, being close to the ground, and supporting the spiral dynamics of your foot.
  5. The On puts you back in control: By slowing down the impact and providing less of a lever in the heel (thanks to the low profile), over- pronation or suppination forces are greatly reduced. The Cloud elements activate your muscles and enable you to stabilize and control your foot strike naturally – without the artificial support of an orthotic.