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Adam Gordon – Professional Triathlete

Adam is a professional long course triathlete who is also head of personal training at Global Health Club, a contributor to cross country, weight loss and sports specific programmes at Gold Coast Sports Physio and a health writer for Multisports magazine. Adam aims to encourage others to reach their goals by sharing his knowledge and enthusiasm. Being involved in the sports industry and actively learning about his sport gives Adam the opportunity to constantly improve his knowledge and personal form. His highest aspiration is to inspire others. About what motivates him, he says: “Making a difference in people’s lives is what gets me up in the morning. I want to encourage others by inspiring them to think big.”


Ben Allen – Professional Triathlete

Ben is a World Class Professional Triathlete who specialises in the 70.3 Ironman, Long Distance and Xterra World Off-Road Triathlon. His most recent accomplishments include ITU Australian Cross Triathlon Champion and 3rd at the Xterra World Championships Maui.

A complete list of all his race results can be found on his website. Ben spends April – October based in Europe where he trains along the World’s Elite. When in Australia, he is based in Woollongong NSW


Ben Coventry – Ironman Triathlete

Ben grew up in the lower North Shore of Sydney, originally not an athlete by any means of the word. He was a budding golfer looking to turn pro. After losing 40kgs Ben turned his life around and took up the sport of triathlon. Now Ben specialises in Ironman distance triathlons. Becoming very familiar with the podium, he sets his sights on the Ironman World Championships in Kailua Kona as well as becoming a professional in the future.

About his aspirations to become a pro, Ben says “I have always lived by the quote that Craig Alexander (my idol) told me after the first time we met that “Nothing great starts without a dream.”

Emily Kempson – Ironman Triathlete

Emily took up triathlon in 2011 after having a long-time passion for endurance sports. Coming from an Irish Dance background people wonder what made her want to take up Ironman. She says after seeing the Gatorade Ad of 2004 with Chris Legh collapsing at the finish line of Ironman Hawaii she knew that if this was a sport that could break the fittest people on earth physically and mentally, it was the sport for her. Emily has won the Asia Pacific Ironman in her age group & created a new age group record in 2014. The 22-year old triathlete is now working towards re-qualifying for the Ironman World Championship in 2016 and 2017. We will be looking forward to her results!

Justine Switalla – Fitness Ambassador

Justine is New Zealand born and bred and settled in Australia in 2004, which is where she embarked on her passion for health and fitness. Her brand is her business and she lives and breathes women’s health & fitness, and a healthy mindset. Justine is passionate about helping women get into shape, which includes nourishing their bodies with great food, exercising correctly and most importantly being positive towards themselves. Her aim is to empower women to become their best. Justine recently gave birth to her first baby, Leo, and created a complete training and nutrition program for mums, pregnant women and those preparing to become pregnant. Justine is further the creator of Fit Healthy Mums, an Expert on Pre- and Postnatal care, Brand Ambassador for Oxygen Magazine, TV presenter, Health & Fitness Ambassador and Fitness Professional.


Kate Luckin – Triathlete & Physio

Kate took up triathlon in 2013 and has never looked back. She has always had a passion for endurance sports and loved that triathlon combined swim, ride and run and is physically and mentally demanding. Kate qualified and raced in the Ironman World Championships in 2015 and this year is focusing on racing more 70.3 distance races with the aim of racing again in Kona over the next few years. Outside of triathlon, Kate has just launched her own Health & Fitness business and is a big advocate for promoting the benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle. She also teaches Sport Science at University and works as a physiotherapist.


Liam Bromilow – T3 Coaching Systems

Liam is a hunter of all things endurance sports. Sitting at a desk just doesn’t cut it for this outdoors lover. His weekends consist of seeking out adventure opportunities, and when these aren’t possible, he’s researching his next experience. Liam has a passion for endurance, which has led him into studying university degrees in exercise science and education. This has allowed him to coach a range of athletes and head up the endurance network T3 Coaching Systems. You’ll mainly find Liam at a triathlon event around the country where he’s seen chasing his athletes around the course pushing them to their limits, as well as participating in events himself.

Moodi Dennaoui

Moodi Dennaoui – Nutritionist & Trainer

Known within the industry as the ‘Diet Doctor’, Moodi has extensive professional experience, and an unconventional approach to nutrition, which has earned him a reputable following across the globe. His success has often been measured by his rapid following of A-List clients, including elite athletes, Olympians, NFL stars, actors and musicians, however, whilst Moodi does have quite a large celebrity following his success also comes from his versatility to create, formulate and adapt nutrition and training programs that suit the amateur, as well as the seasoned athlete.

Moodi is a regular on the Triple M grill team and the Channel 9 Morning Show and also contributes regularly to magazines such as Men’s and Women’s Health, Men’s Fitness, Daily Telegraph, The Herald and online entities such as The Huffington Post.


Michael Pratt – Triathlete & Professional Coach

Michael Pratt is the Performance Director of ASF Triathlon and the Head Coach of YarraTri one of Australia’s biggest triathlon training programs. He has coached World Champions in both triathlon and duathlon and has had over 100 athletes represent Australia at the World Championships. As an athlete himself he is a World Championship medallist and multiple Australian and Oceania Champion. Michael has won races in France, England, USA, Switzerland, Thailand, New Caledonia and of course Australia. With a Sports Science degree from Brunel University UK Michael’s approach is based on scientific principles and he integrates these to achieve success for his athletes and himself.

Miguel La Cruz – Fitness Trainer & Boxer

Miguel is a  Amateur Boxer, Fitness Trainer, and Calisthenics expert who is originally from Ireland but now resides in Sydney. He has trained with experts in his field, and trained with elite coaches and fighters in Cuba, United States, London, Ireland, Thailand and Angola. Boxing and fitness is a life long commitment, Miguel provides a motivating workout using functional, safe and efficient exercises incorporating bodyweight as the main resistance. His philosophy to fitness is simple… “there are no shortcuts to achieving success, the journey of accomplishing your goals can make a person happier then they ever imagined.”


Holly Khan – Professional Triathlete

Holly is a newly qualified professional triathlete and has set her sights on racing competitively against the seasoned elites. She’s come from a non-sporty background and puts her sporting successes down to pure hard work. Always loving a challenge, she started training for triathlons in 2012 and continued to compete as an age grouper while working full time. 

Prior to becoming a professional triathlete, she worked full-time on building her podiatry practice, Central Podiatry. Holly has a keen interest in sports specific podiatry, focusing on assisting athletes to get back on their feet and improve their sporting performance. 

“Set your mind on your desired goals and work towards it, day in and out. Nothing is more rewarding then gaining the best out of yourself each day, in all areas of your life.”


Patrick Nispel – Marathon Runner

Patrick Nispel is an international marathon runner, accredited running coach and owner of P.A.T.42.2 Running Coaching. Pat has a strong passion for running and has been running all of his life. He started out with cross country running and track and field. In 2008, Pat had his most prestige track race win in Melbourne with the Zatopek 3000m Steeplechase in a time of 8:59. Pat decided to make the transition from track to marathon in 2011. That year he also won the Australian and Queensland Mountain Running Championships and represented Australia in the World and Commonwealth Mountain Running Championships. Pat’s focus in 2015 is the half marathon and his first Ironman 70.3 in Mooloolaba.


Steve Menzies – NRL Legend

Steve Menzies is an Australian rugby league legend from Manly, NSW and is best known for his career with the Manly Sea Eagles.

International Athletes

Jacqui Slack – Professional Triathlete