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Compressport Brutal TR3 Mens Shorts V2 Black

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The Compressport Brutal TR3 men’s tri shorts V2 are a must-have for your next triathlon to give you a technical edge and maximum comfort.

Engineered to fit like a second skin and fitted with advanced technologies that allow you to push your body harder for longer, these shorts are a critical addition to the arsenal of elite athletes.

This feather-light short stimulates blood flow, absorbs shock and eliminates toxins. The special weaving of fabric boosts ventilation to regulate and maintain optimal body temperature despite external conditions.

The compression short activates micro-massages to support exercising muscles as you train and compete.

The hydrophobic fibre is naturally odour and bacterial resistant and provides a sensation of weightlessness as it combats sweat – releasing perspiration without absorbing it.


  • Ergonomic fit
  • Ultra-lightweight construction
  • Multiple compression benefits to decrease muscular pain and postpone fatigue
  • Lighter compression at the hips to encourage natural leg lift
  • Superior comfort and efficiency of the abdominal area
  • Anti-odour and anti-bacterial
  • Comfortable grip on the bike saddle
  • Strengthens thighs and glutes with targeted compression
  • Speeds up recovery time and reduces injury risk and pain
  • Keeps lower back fatigue to a minimum with abdominal area secured by V-shaped belt
  • Allows you to use energy effectively
  • Quick-drying for the elimination of sweat


Compression: Human error is taken out of the equation with the use of medical compression machines to guarantee compression graduation with razor-sharp accuracy to the millimetre. Targeted muscle compression stimulates blood flow, promotes optimal alignment of the knees, protects active muscles from shock and minimises muscle vibrations.

D-Tox: Dramatic decrease in lactic acid throughout intense activity.

Ergo-Fit: Wraps the natural contours of your body perfectly without restricting or putting unwanted pressure on your muscles.

Hydro-phobic: Water-repellent fibre draws perspiration away from your skin for efficient evaporation without absorption – even under extremely intense or hot conditions. Sweat it up without the worry of moisture-drenched clothing irritating your skin and weighing you down.

Lunar-pocket: Convenient opening for stashing smart phone, energy bars, gels or whatever you need on the move. Ergonomic design lets you quickly and easily grab your essentials during intense activity including running on steep, challenging descents at a fast pace.

Massaging-fibre: Patented fibre stimulates micro-massage throughout your activity to create a feeling of lightness with positive effects on your body.

Seamless: Microfibre is ultra-soft against your skin, delivers superior comfort and is 100% seamless.

Shock-absorber: Muscles, veins and joints are protected from “shock wave” impacts with 360 degree compression for effective dampening.

Thermo-regulation: Microcirculation is activated on the outer layer of your skin with ERAMICS “mirror effect”, also improving thermoregulation for maximum benefits.

V Shape Belt: Special V shape of belt keeps the stomach free of pressure and enhances comfort of the abdominal muscles. Shock-absorbing properties provide support and limit fatigue to the lower back.

Ventilation Zone: Strategic placement of mesh on shoulders removes moisture and heat to keep you dry no matter the intensity of your workout or the outside temperature.

Ultra-light: Feather-light fibres won’t retain water – perfect for training in all conditions.

Flat Overlock: Zero chafing experienced even over prolonged distances with the innovative sewing methods.

Bike Grip: Engineered to meet the demands of cyclists with ultra-fine external silicone printing allowing you to sit securely in the bike saddle.

Triathlon Pad: Internal ultra-thin triathlon pad provides shock protection for running and cycling.

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