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Compressport Compression Full Socks V2.1 Black

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The Compressport compression full socks V2.1 deliver graduated compression with a cutting-edge update to increase ventilation and comfort.

Don’t forget your feet when it comes to innovative compression wear. These athletic socks improve oxygenation of exercising muscles and provide relief from the harmful effect of toxins.

Be at your maximum performance even in humid conditions with the advanced moisture wicking technology for a breathable ride.

Enhance your efficiency on your next race with a technical sock that outruns its competitors no sweat.


  • Perfect race and travel sock, stimulating blood flow and eliminating toxins to keep your feet in good condition for extensive time
  • For ultimate breathability and a well-ventilated environment, the mesh construction is key, preventing moisture and humidity build up so you never overheat
  • Stimulates blood circulation and provides superior traction to prevent trip ups with the 3D.Dots acupuncture technology
  • Accelerates venous return and supports optimal stride posture with the arch placement of the sock
  • Ergonomic toe piece for ultimate fit without restricting your toes during rigorous activity
  • Seamless construction with elastic free upper layer for zero pressure to your leg
  • Updated version features one-layer hem in place of the original double-thick style for greater comfort and reduced pressure on the knee


Recovery: Immediate sensation of strength and well being of the leg, without the weight of fatigue holding back your positive mood and motivation. Venus return is accelerated for a feather-light feel of the legs by limiting the stagnation of blood in your muscles.

Thermo-aeration: Prevents overheating of the foot sole during intense exercise by maximising air flow.

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