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Compressport Cycling La Visiere – Headband/Visor

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Feather-light and stylish for your next cycle, the Compressport Cycling La Visiere sweat headband/visor protects your ears and eyes from perspiration – so you can stay focused on your ride.

It’s ultra-breathable on your forehead to keep you cool, and the quick-drying properties ensure you never feel weighed down by excess moisture.



Hydro-phobic: Water-repellent fibre draws perspiration away from your skin for efficient evaporation without absorption – even under extremely intense or hot conditions.

Massaging-fibre: Patented fibre stimulates micro-massage throughout your activity to create a feeling of lightness with positive effects on your body.

On-off: A cutting-edge technology by Compressport, the on-off interactive fibre adapts levels of ventilation to meet the demands of your workout as it intensifies. It breathes with you for efficient cooling and enhanced comfort.

Seamless: Microfibre is ultra-soft against your skin, delivers superior comfort and is 100% seamless.

Thermo-regulation: Microcirculation is activated on the outer layer of your skin with ERAMICS “mirror effect”, also improving thermo-regulation for maximum benefits.

Ventilation-zone: Strategic and targeted placement of mesh structures eliminate body sweat and heat to keep you dry – even under rigorous effort, prolonged workouts and temperature extremes.

Ultra-light: Feather-light fibres won’t retain water – perfect for training in all conditions

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