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Compressport Pro Racing Compression Arm Sleeve

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The Compressport Pro Racing compression arm sleeve is the arm sleeve of choice for elite athletes.

It’s versatile to meet the recovery needs for multiple sports – particularly those involving high activity of the arms including swimming, tennis and cross-country skiing.

This body-fitting design provides numerous benefits during intense activity and post-workout. It keeps muscular oscillations and shock to a minimum, is thermo-regulating and provides UV-protection.

It protects your tendons from weaknesses when you’re putting excess strain on your body throughout training, so you can function at your peak.


  • European fibre
  • Eliminates toxins, reduces injury risk and cramps through greater oxygenation
  • Protects exercising arms against contractures, aches and injuries when experience vibrations and shocks during activity
  • Thermo-regulation technology adapts to your needs depending on the external environment – stay warm in the cold and rain, and keep cool in the hot months
  • Manages bacteria and odours with sanitised treatment
  • Move freely with the natural fit that contours to your arm perfectly
  • Lightweight, comfortable and non-pilling
  • 100% recyclable
  • Sweep away sweat with the perspirations catcher on the base of the right arm sleeve, functioning like a wristband
  • Arm sleeves do not hold water, are quick-drying and well ventilated


Massaging-fibre: Patented fibre stimulates micro-massage throughout your activity to create a feeling of lightness with positive effects on your body.

Morpho-fit: Ultra-seamless fit that shapes to fit the natural contours of your arms for chafing-free comfort and an efficient construction.

Multisport: Ultra-versatile for accelerating recovery following your swim, tennis match or cross-country skiing. Supports active arms during gym, trail running, running, cycling and MTB.

Performance: Stimulates blood flow during exercise for improved oxygen delivering to your working muscles – your arms feel light with reduced strains and without the heaviness of muscle fatigue.

Shock-absorber: Muscles, veins and joints are protected from “shock wave” impacts with 360 degree compression for effective dampening.

Thermo-regulation: Microcirculation is activated on the outer layer of your skin with ERAMICS “mirror effect”, also improving thermoregulation for maximum benefits.

Ultra-resist: Durable design that’s tear proof with standard use.

Watch-space: Keep track of your progress and performance stats easily when wearing a fitness watch, without lifting the cuff.

Cold-Black: Cold-black treatment maximises performance by protecting against overheating. Technical fabric remains cool, decreasing your body’s need to sweat as a cooling mechanism. It also provides a minimum of UPF 30 protection for staying active outdoors.

Dual-compression: Both muscular areas of your arm gets the advantage of progressive compression. Your full arm benefits from accelerated venous return and shock absorption.

Sanitised: Sanitised treatment combats odours naturally and helps to inhibit bacterial growth, keeping your body in hygienic conditions.

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