Ion8 Kids – 350ml


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Product Description

100% leak proof, the ion8 sports water bottle has a vented, smooth liquid flow for rapid hydration. The Ion 8 bottles flip open with one hand, and lock closed for peace of mind when throwing into a bag. This drinks bottle is made from TRITAN, it is odour resistant, BPA Free, phthalate free, non-toxic, dishwasher safe and suitable for hot and cold drinks from -10C to 96C.


Locks Closed

To prevent accidental opening when carrying in a bag, ion8 sports bottle has a lid lock. Operated easily with one finger, it clicks reassuringly into place.


Open with one hand

The flip top springs open with a single finger. Open and seal closed again in an instant. No annoying screw top, no tough nozzle, and your other hand remains conveniently free.


Smooth, vented liquid flow

Most rigid bottles are painfully slow to drink from. Soft bottles can be squeezed, but can leak. Ion8 is rigid, crystal clear, and has a vented, smooth liquid flow. No glugging, no squeezing, no painful suction. Just effortless hydration.



The comfort band also protects hands when carrying a hot beverage. Ion8 is suitable for hot and cold drinks from -10°C to 96°C.



The ion8 band is impregnated with crystals that naturally have a magnetic force field. As water passes, this force field causes disruption in the water molecules, resulting in measurable electron shifts *. The disrupted water molecules take on a charge through this shift in electrons, and is ionized. * Using a Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Test


Key Features

  • 100% leak proof water bottle
  • vented, smooth liquid flow for rapid hydration
  • concave sides and a soft band give this sports bottle a comfortable, slip free grip
  • flips open with one hand, and locks closed
  • safe BPA free water bottles, phthalate free, non-toxic TRITAN is dishwasher safe and suitable for hot or cold drinks


Capacity 350ml

Read more here about Ion8.


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