Reboots Go Recovery Boots Set

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$1649.00 $1499.00
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Recovery at home or on the go!

The secret weapon against tired legs is now also available on the road. Reboots Go offers 100% of the performance you already know from One with 100% mobility. The set includes a mobile recovery controller with 3h battery life and a pair boots in your size. Give your recovery a push at home or on the go!

NormaTec Compression Boots Alternative

3 hours of battery life on the go.
Enjoy more rested legs even without a socket. Whether at the training ground, by the pool, or under the palms in Hawaii, use Reboots Go wherever it suits you.


M: The recovery boots in M ​​are sufficient up to a leg length of 81 cm. If your leg circumference is relatively low, you may need to balance it with a higher pressure to get the optimal recovery application.
L: With a leg length between 82 cm and 88 cm, rebooting in L is usually best.
XL: From a leg length of 89 cm recommend the Reboots XL.

Lighter, smaller, more portable! Mobile Recovery Boots.

Space problems are no longer a reason to do without fresher legs. The Go device is 44.4% lighter and 64.9% smaller than One.

Choose from 4 Programs available on Reboots Go

A: Flow
B: Intense
C: Intense Flow
D: Intense Pulse

Perfect fit with 6 compression chambers

The large number of chambers and the 3 boot sizes allow for optimal fit and perfect results.

More Reboots Go Features

  • Exclude pain-sensitive areas
  • Each chamber can be deactivated individually. You do not need to go without your secret weapon just because one specific area hurts!
    Quality advantage due to overlapping chambers
  • With the overlapping compression chambers, you achieve smooth transitions and a particularly effective massage.
    Pressure in 16 intensity levels
  • Adjust the compression pressure to your comfort! Up to 240 mmHg – roughly the air pressure of a volleyball.

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