Dec 5, 2016: Haven’t really been into fashion sneakers because I really want a purpose built shoe to be active in, but these can double as both. I’ve had a number of people stop me to comment and truthfully, they are just so comfortable I wouldn’t care what they looked like! Just an easy shoe to wear, and looks great on. Have never regretted purchasing them.


July 11, 2016: Love the colour and love the surfers, best shoes I’ve ever owned…


Oct 19, 2016: Extremely light and comfortable. They absorb shock and feel like I am walking on air. The service experience buying them was really good too. Not only were they a great price, I received them within 48 hours!


June 10, 2016: Love my clouds!! Third pair now I have a
cloud surfer and cloud cruisers!! I’m in love with the clouds … Great for short and long distance !! So light , so bouncy :-) Can’t wait for my next run :-)


Nov 24, 2016: Living in Far North Queensland, it is a battle to find clothing that looks good before and after running – but this singlet (Tank-T) is perfect.  Not only is the material comfortable and light, it feels amazing and flows with your body.  It has ventilation that allows it to breath and the material dries quickly after a hot humid running session removing that stale running clothing smell.  Being a tank it is not constricting with ample room under the arms, removing chafing.  For sizing assistance, I wear Size 8 clothing normally, and purchased a Small (S). Although I can wear this singlet comfortably, I would consider purchasing a XS next time to obtain a closer fit.


Nov 14, 2016: I love my clouds!! This is my third pair – they are fantastic for training both running/HIIT and strength based training.  They are super light and so very comfy :)


Nov 5, 2017: Got one for the house and one to go out. This is worth its weight in gold!


April 29, 2017: I have just started running again in the last 2 months or so after not running for about 6 years due to a knee injury. A friend of mine recommended these shoes and WOW I love them!
It’s not only the colour I love but they are so light. I used to be a sprinter so I was used to running in spikes. These shoes are almost as light but are really well cushioned so you can do longer distances. This is my first pair and definitely not my last. Would recommend them so anyone. Love them!


Aug 23, 2016: Incredibly light weight and top notch design make these the most comfortable running shoes I’ve ever purchased. Great for casual wear too as they are so sleek they don’t stand out like your typical bulky runners. Record delivery time too as I placed my online order on a Sunday and they arrived on the following Tuesday. Highly recommend these runners!


Oct 20, 2016: This is my third pair of Clouds and they are the best shoes I have ever had! They are so light I don’t even know I have them on and the unusual lacing system is fantastic as I have extremely high arches so I only have them just laced enough so my foot doesn’t slip out of the shoe. A really comfortably snug fit and a beautiful run.


Nov 24, 2016: This is the second of these shirts that I have purchased. I purchased them not for using during running but to wear day to day. Here in Far North Queensland with the humidity, the Performance-T is perfect – it is comfortable, breaths and doesn’t absorb moisture (and smell). The material is soft and light and moves with you so the feeling of constriction and stickiness is removed. For sizing assistance I wear Size 8 clothing, I purchased a Size S giving me room to move. If I wanted a closer fit I would recommend a XS.


Jan 17, 2017: After looking around in shops and on line I finally found some good looking running shoes! They arrived this morning and I am very happy, better than the photos. They fit perfectly, very flexible sole and are so light. Really happy with these and am going to buy another pair in a different color for the gym.


Feb 20, 2017: I loved the cloudflow shoe. I have been out injured with achilles issues and bought these to start my come back. They are an amazing shoe, really comfortable, stable and light weight. I have been running in them for the last fews weeks and have loved every step. I will be back for more!


June 11, 2016: Awesome shoe for running or just great day to day walking. Great they go to bigger sizes!


Nov 24, 2016: OMG – I have been wearing On Running shoes for the past 6 years – I have trained in the CloudSurfer, raced in the CloudRacer and Cloud, with the Cloud more recently being my shoe of preference.
Until I tried the CloudFlow – I was super excited to pre-order and await this shoe to arrive and I am not disappointed. I see it as a cross between a CloudRacer and a Cloud – It has the racing feel and look of the CloudRacer however it is comfortable and lighter than the Cloud.
The added bonus of this shoe is that for those with wider forefoot (like me), the CloudFlow has room which is amazing for a racing shoe. These shoes have firmer “Clouds” on the sole which is where the responsiveness comes from and you really notice it.
I am so pleased with these shoes – that I can get the look of a racing shoe, that is comfortable and performs. I cannot wait to race in them. Thanks Heaps.


June 13, 2016: The cloudcruiser feels lovely and light, yet supportive underfoot, comfy from day 1. Not sure about the tongue, feels a bit long perhaps?


Dec 20, 2016: Love these shoes. Great support when working out. Delivery was prompt. Very happy!


May 26, 2016: I ordered mine and the delivery time and post tracking was second to none! First thing I noticed about the On Cloudcruiser’s was the high quality of the shoe. I purchased my pair of Cloudcruiser’s for longer distance running training mostly 10k +. The first time I ran in them it was something different. It was like running on springs with a feeling of hitting the ground softer and springing off the ground faster. The shoe is quite comfortable and feels quite light especially given the higher quality materials. I am looking forward to doing a lot more training in them and know that these shoes will last beyond the normal distance. One thing I did do was change the laces over. I am looking to purchase another pair on On shoes in the very near future for my shorter faster races.


Dec 8, 2016: I purchased the Cloud shoe for my partner as a gift. This was her first pair of On shoes she had ever worn and after going for her first run in them she finally understood why I have so many pairs of On running shoes and Cloud shoes in my running kit. She said it was by far the most comfy pair of shoes she had ever worn, and would only be wearing Cloud and On running shoes for all her future runs. As a multisport athlete myself who only wears On running shoes, I guess you can so I’ve converted another person to the Cloud running shoe!


October 6, 2016: The most comfortable shoes.  The convenience of the slip on with the option for normal laces.  They are so lightweight.  Great for long or short distances. I  have a pair for work and for running.  Very prompt delivery.  Best shoes ever!!!!!!



May 5, 2017: I bought these shoes for looks and because I’d heard they were great. I bought a pair and wore them for a couple of workouts and immediately ordered a second pair! They look good, feel amazing – my heels are a bit tender but I was able to jump and run without any discomfort. I’d definitely recommend them.


Oct 10, 2017: Unbelievable comfortable. So great that I ordered another pair.


June 16, 2016: The Cloudracer is very light and the design is so cool. It really helps in running. I used to run on the road every day. This colour is so beautiful and most importantly is the material used. It is thin and light.

Kar Yan

Dec 6,2017: Very different to anything else I’ve run in, in a good way. Knit upper is super comfortable, and holds the foot well. Heaps of room for the toes to spread out. Zero drop will take a little getting used to, but worth the effort.


March 26, 2017: I have yet to find a shoe more comfortable than the On Cloudflow. I took them out of the box, and went for a 10km run. No rubbing, blisters, or pressure spots. An added bonus, is that this shoe can be worn without socks, which is excellent for triathletes. Not surprising, a number of the world’s best triathletes wear On running shoes. The Cloudflow is also speedy over both short and long distances, and the (internal) speedboard makes transitions between landing and take-off seamless. The colour fade also looks very cool. A great running shoe for all levels of runner!


April 26, 2017: I am now on my 5th pair of On Running shoes and am in looovveeee with all of these shoes and styles. First I ran in the CloudRacers (2 pairs) then went to CloudSurfer and am now on my 2nd pair of Clouds. I am a high jumper and wear the clouds for both sprint training and also the 5km Parkrun each Saturday. They are the most comfortable and light weight running shoes I have ever worn. I am a total On Running snob and will not be converted to anything else EVER!


Aug 30, 2017: These flips are true to size and I was surprised by the cushy, supportive sole!! Best flips ever. I would recommend to anyone who wants support with the freedom of wearing flips.


Dec 22, 2016: Had a great first run in these (Cloudflow’s) today. Super light and responsive but very supportive. The upper fits like a glove and plenty of room in the toe box. This is my first pair of On’s and although it’s early days so far they compare very favourably to more traditional brands I’ve been running in. I’ve been a bit skeptical but after first seeing On’s proliferate through my running group and now having trying them myself I’m on board. When my current racers pack it in am sure I’ll be giving Cloudracers a go too.


Oct 19, 2016: I cannot believe I didn’t try the cloud earlier. I have bought 2 pairs of cloudsurfers and tried the cloudflyers both of which I really liked. However after trying the cloud I think I have found my new favourite shoe! It is light, flat, no unwanted support, allows my toes to splay (wide enough toe box) and are super comfy. I like the feeling of the ground being a little harder under my feet to ensure I am running correctly. These shoes also come with elastic speed laces already installed and after walking all weekend in them barefoot to test I had no rubbing. Will try a short run in them barefoot to see how they go, if all good these will be racing next weekend in Noosa tri. Thanks onandoffrunning! Fast shipping too.


June 10, 2016: Was nervous to try something brand new but so glad I did! I completely forgot I was wearing new shoes on my first run with them. I love these: comfortable, great sizing round the heel and lovely and roomy in the toe box. I’m a big fan.


Love these running shoes! Super light, gives a spring to my stride & so very comfortable. Only drawback is the large gaps between the clouds allows large stones to collect as I do a lot of gravel road running. But that said I still love to run in these shoes!


Sept 13, 2017: AWESOME SHIRT. breathes well. nice and cool. good support. and a lot of pockets.


Dec 8, 2016: The Cloud shoe really is in a league of it’s own. If your looking for a shoe that’s lightweight but doesn’t sacrifice comfort then the Cloud is your perfect shoe. It’s also very accomodating to the person with a wider foot. A very fast shoe that excels in runs between 5 – 10km’s. Have also used the Cloud with no socks for those quick transitions in racing and received no rubbing at all which speaks volumes about the comfort of the Cloud! With a great selection of colours available I will definately be purchasing my third pair of Clouds again soon. Great quality service, fast shipping!


Dec 5, 2016: Lightweight and the elastic laces make them really easy to slip on and go! The colour goes with most things I wear so they are pretty versatile as a running shoe and fashion sneaker. Love these shoes.


May 26, 2016: Have been using in this shoe since May 2016 and have found them to be a very comfortable shoe to run in. They are extremely light weight and I have experienced no issues with blistering around the heel that I sometimes got on other brands when breaking them in. I like the Cloud style of cushioning that much I will buying a second pair this week. Great shoe for doing the the 5km Parkrun on Saturday’s !!


October 11, 2016: When i first received my cloudventures in the mail I knew i had come across something special, the box was so lite, i was intrigued as my heart rate increased with the anticipation and excitement to try these runners on. The first time i laced up and went for a run in these shoe’s, was like nothing i had experienced before from a running shoe. The cloud technology, describes these shoe’s perfectly. You literally feel like you are running on a cloud, yet they are responsive and quick to give you traction with the ground surface. I can’t wait to get a few more k’s under these shoe’s and see how they continue to respond to the large amount of volume and abuse i give myself on the tracks and trails. If they can’t hold up and last the distance without breaking down or falling apart. I will be very happy with these runners.


Nov 22, 2016: Ran in the Clouldflow for the first time on the weekend during a brick session, after a solid 100km on the bike straight into a 30 min tempo run. The Clouldflow where very responsive and felt great on my feet. I love my Clouldracers but will be wearing the Clouldflow in longer races from now on. Awesome shoe :)


March 29, 2017: I have done about 50km in my Cloudflow so early days. However, I can say that these shoes are very light and quite firm.  They would suit a heel striker very well as there is a very nice ride from cushioning of heel strike to push off.  However, as a mid foot runner, it is less obvious.  I have very wide feet so am very happy with the ample toe box.  Very comfortable. Upper is snug but not constrictive.  Reflectors are thoughtfully placed which is good for my pre-dawn runs.  The only major downside is that the laces are too thin and long ! Overall, I would rate these shoes at the top end.  Whilst the ride is not exceptional (for me), the lightness, quality and attention to detail is of higher standard.


Nov 11, 2016: I initially got the Cloud Blacks because I love the way they look, but they are so comfortable, light and great for racing that I got another pair (Blues/Yellow) to run in. My fourth pair of Ons.


Nov 11, 2016: I have many reasons to buy from this company again: 1. the great customer service, 2. My favorite colour Yellow, 3. Superior fit. 4.Fantastic price. 5. They make me 20mm taller LOL. I look forward to my next purchase. Thank you very much


Sept 10, 2017: I love the support that these shoes give! This is hard to find in a flip flop.


Nov 14, 2016: I am very happy with my recent purchase. The Cloudster’s are very comfortable. I took them for a test spin on a 5km run and they felt fantastic so I backed up the next day with 15km with no dramas.


July 1, 2016: For over 20 years I have been wearing ASIC Kayano, because they worked for me and others did not. Had noticed a few “knee” (or referred knee) soreness issues over last few years. Decided to try out ON shoes after reading promotional information. Read a few forum reviews and the Cloud Surfer appeared to be the winner, although I know this is an individual thing where not one shoe is perfect for everyone. The lower profile felt strange from an upright running perspective but supportive over the first few weeks. The second run I had in them resulted in soreness in one calf muscle even though I had introduced the Surfer on every second run (which I run every other day). A week rest and then introduced them again alternating with the Kayano. After a couple more weeks a reality hit me as I started on my normal 9km run that it felt like I was not wearing shoes at all and that I was gliding along the road. This experience is now what I have each time I run. I only wear the Surfer now when I run. I am so impressed with the Cloud Surfer!


Sept 9, 2017: This is my second pair. By far the most comfortable flip flops I’ve ever worn. Actually, I normally can’t wear flip flops because they are too flat. The arch in these is perfect for me.


April 27, 2016: These (Cloudsurfers) are great shoes for racing, I use them for my tri’s with elastic laces. Perfection.