If you happen to spot one of those interesting yet fascinating, colorfully-patterned set of tight garments on one of your friends or your favorite tennis player on TV lately, you’ve met the compression clothing. But as it goes, you’d often find yourself asking what these lines of clothing actually do? How do they benefit us? And if so, what exactly are these benefits? Today, we’ll just about look into questions and answer them head on.

So what is a compression apparel?

A compression clothing is one of those wearables like tops, shorts, and socks that are equipped with extra tightness that is developed to increase your body’s blood and lymphatic flow. Compression apparel is believed to provide athletes with a boost in performance and significantly shorten their recovery time.

What are the likely benefits?

Studies revealed that compression clothing greatly benefits users during and after their performance. During performance, the clothing reduces the build-up of lactic acid which positively affects the performance itself. It also reduces the body’s muscle vibration, which in turn, provides crucial support for muscles as it delays fatigue.

In regards to recovery, a compression clothing is noted for its ability to improve your blood circulation which ultimately results in significant recovery. Meanwhile, it is also expected to lessen DOMS or Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. DOMS transpires when you feel that familiar stiffness right after you subject yourself in a prolonged exercise.

When should you wear them?

Studies indicated that these wearables are particularly effective not only in various sports but also for those who train regularly. There’s strong evidence that points that compression gears or clothing can indeed improve the process of recovery. Compression clothing is also beneficial when you wear them during a race, a long run, or an explosive workout. Apart from facilitating recovery, it also reduces the muscle soreness that is experienced after a rigorous exercise.

A quick guide to choosing the best compression apparel

There are key factors that you must remember when you finally get to choose your compression apparel. First you need to determine the real purpose as to why you’re getting one. Are you gunning just for comfort in your moderate exercises? Is it to minimize the soreness after you exercise?

Second, you have to ask yourself which body part is the focus of your exercise. If it’s more on quads, shorts or half-tights will do. If the fatigue is centred on your calves, then compression sleeves are what you need. Depending on the type of sport you do, duration of training and personal factors you will be able to narrow down the compression apparel that is best suited for your needs.


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By Emily, founder of BodyShape101.